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I live a dream life.

My kitchen is clean, my bills are paid and my dentist appointment is not overdue. I eat well, exercise, meditate, journal and walk on the beach every morning. I floss, get 8 hours of sleep a night and I am ready for anything at a moment’s notice.

Well – that’s what my planner says.

I am working hard to refine my plans and schedule to get it all lined up and perfect, and now you can too.

I have created a digital solution that allows you to pre-plan in as much detail as you like. With the Plan Your Ideal Life bundle, an internet connection (for download only), a computer or tablet and an app or program to unzip and another to annotate I’ve got you covered. For the ultimate experience, the GoodNotes and iZip apps on an iPad with Apple Pencil will fulfil all your needs, but you can also use the planner and stickers on Android, PC or Mac, with a standard iPad and your finger…

Are you new to digital planning? You are in for a ride. Planning digitally gives you the opportunity to drag, drop, write, erase, shift things around, change your mind, shrink items down to fit more in, add photos, text and handwriting and generally go all-out. You can take your entire stash of stickers, washi and pens along with you and take up no space. You can reuse items over and over – if you want to use 8 drinking glass stickers on every day of the year (an excellent way of tracking hydration) then you can.

The GoodNotes app allows for sync between your devices so you can quickly add things on your iPhone when you are out. And if you aren’t ready to commit, you can use the Plan Your Ideal Life planner to work out a base layout from which you can then copy to your paper planner using real stickers and pens.

The Plan Your Ideal Life planner can be used to refine your real life or as a Law Of Attraction dreaming exercise. You can even set up two planners and use each of them a different way.

Perfectly formatted to match the Neutral and Rainbow planners - copy and paste your plans into your regular planner once you're happy. Refine your plans as the weeks go by.

So, what do you actually get?

For a limited time, the Plan Your Ideal Life planner and stickers will be available as a bundle. By purchasing this way you will save 66% off the regular price. After the bundle deal is over, you will still be able to purchase the sticker packs and planner as individual files. You can also purchase individual files now instead if you desire. The bundle version also contains a Goodnotes file which arrives with 96 premade stickers in the back to get you started, so you do not have to stare at a blank page wondering what to do.

For $30 AUD (approx. $22.25 USD depending on currency fluctuations) you get:

One ZIP file of 159mb (download on WiFi recommended) containing:

Plan Your Ideal Life Goodnotes file with 96 bonus pre-made composite stickers and 22 word stickers
30 GoodNotes files containing all the stickers pre-cropped and ready to use - over 125 hand-drawn, digitally painted icons and way too many words to count – all original art
24 scallop base stickers and 96 time stickers

These files are all you will need if you are an iPad/GoodNotes user.

Additionally, the zip file contains:

Plan Your Ideal Life PDF
34 sheets of uncropped PNG stickers for Android, PC, Mac and non-GoodNotes users (some subjects have 2 sheets – stickers are the same between the uncropped sheets and the bundle)

Sticker sheets include some base labels and appointment times as well as stickers for various subjects including fitness, cleaning, pets, travel, errands and much more.

Also included is a bonus word sheet, and every pack contains a bonus common word and fragments sheet for convenience.

The planner has areas for a goal brainstorm, 15 to 30 minute tasks, and pages for defining daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal events, as well as a sticker storage page.

Links to view individual products:

Daily chores 
Finance (2pg) 
Floor Cleaning 
Healthy eating 
Meal Planning 
Moons and Seasons 
People (word only) 
Rooms (word only) 
Sports & activities (2pg) 
Sticker maker 

Appointment times 

There is a currency drop-down on this website to display your home currency for convenience (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR and GBP) although AUD will be displayed at checkout. You will be charged the price shown on the product display page rather than any alternate price displayed at checkout, unless of course you are buying multiple items in which case they will be combined.

Join the Tiny Pixels, Big Plans Facebook group to share spreads and dreams, to request new words, to get GoodNotes help and to let me know of any typos. The first person to point out a specific typo will receive something free, with one freebie for every typo you find. I do of course hope that nobody will find anything, as I have been working on this for a very long time and proof read more times than I can count.

In the Facebook group, request new words in the month after release and the most requested words from verified buyers will be provided free of charge. I have tried to be comprehensive but I know you’ll think of words I missed, and this exercise is supposed to be inspiring and not frustrating. Additional icon requests will possibly be entertained providing I already have the artwork and only need to repaint, and I may curtail icon requests if they become overwhelming.

Planning the day and attempting to live the plans gives the opportunity to see problems. Refine your plans week after week and see what you can dump and what you can incorporate. You may have to adjust your expectations or learn to delegate. Here are some helpful tips:

Do 2 things at once when one is an automatic, physical task such as driving, jogging, washing the dishes, vacuuming and the like. Listen to a podcast or audiobook, walk with a friend (you could even try walking with a business associate instead of going out to lunch). Use your grocery bags as weights when walking to the car. Do squats while vacuuming.

Journal or catch up on email while in waiting rooms. Run errands and go to appointments in the same outing. Designate one day a week as “appointment and errand day” if you can. Set boundaries with email, messages and phone calls.

Be mindful in how you spend time, be aware of time wasters, but also observe the need for sleep, downtime, rest and relaxation. You cannot do it all, so learn to delegate or accept a lower standard of perfection, or hire that housekeeper 😊

I’d love to hear how this planner helps you and how much fun you’re having with it. I hope it helps you as much as it does me.

PS – I don’t actually live near a beach, I’m overdue for a dentist check-up and my meditation needs work – but I am getting there.

Fine print:

This planner is not intended for printing and not formatted as such. Printing may produce unexpected results. These are digital files and you will receive no physical product. The files will be immediately available to download after your payment clears.

There are no refunds on digital downloads. For personal use only, do not distribute.