Stamp FAQ

Care Instructions

Stamps can stain. This is cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the stamps.

Each order will arrive with cleaning instructions on the stamp packaging. If you use the stamp for the first time with a light-coloured ink, it may help with lessening future stains.

How many blocks do I need?

You can do all your stamping with a single block, if you wish. You will need to ensure that the block fits your largest stamp.

Extra blocks are for comfort and convenience. It can be easier to use a tiny block with tiny stamps, but it is not essential. It can also be handy to store certain stamps on a block if you use them constantly.

What about custom orders?

Although I have offered custom stamps in the past, due to new manufacturer restrictions I no longer do this.

I do not split up stamp sets, so please do not ask.

What ink should I buy?

My favourite inks for stamping in planners include VersaColor, VersaMagic chalk ink and Prima chalk ink.

VersaFine is great for showing off fine details in small stamps, but may bleed in planners, especially on stamps that are solid and larger.

My favourite metallic ink is Brilliance.

Memento is a good ink but will bleed. It is fantastic to use on stickers.

StazOn is wonderful for slippery stickers such as vinyl. Clean stamps well as it can stain.

I do not sell inks. The best brick and mortar places to buy inks are Spotlight in Australia, and Joanns, Hobby Lobby and Michaels in the US. Your small scrapbook store is worth a look too.

With generic inks, you often get what you pay for and may experience patchiness or bleed through.

Angel Policy

Tiny Stamps, Big Plans designs are copyrighted work. They are protected under Australian and international laws.

You may not copy or rent our products. Our products are for personal use only and may not be reproduced by any means other than hand stamping. This includes but is not limited to scanning, photocopying, printing, the use of online display images, tracing, re-drawing, photographing or any other means either mechanical or otherwise, no matter their intended end use.

You may use our products for hand stamped cards and paper projects for sale as long as the following conditions are met;

* Credit must be given to Tiny Stamps, Big Plans
* Our images cannot be used in promotional materials such as logos or branding
* Projects must be limited in scope and must be hand stamped by the artist. Mass production of more than 100 hand stamped impressions per design, and/or for an ongoing business is forbidden.
* Anyone selling stamped art assumes all liability for their work and agrees to indemnify Tiny Stamps, Big Plans and its artist(s) from disputes arising from their work.
* Tiny Stamps, Big Plans images must not be used in ways that are hateful or discriminatory in any way, such as in racist or oppressive works.