From website to Goodnotes app – how to get your hands on your files

Some of the products in my store now have a Goodnotes file included. These files are terrific time-savers! I’ve spent hours cropping everything and arranging it in a file so you can quickly lasso, copy and paste the stickers you need without all that hassle. But how do you get your file from the shopping cart and into Goodnotes?

The files in the Tiny Pixels, Big Plans store are single zip files. This allows me to pack multiple files into one to simplify the download process.

If you wish to download straight from your iPad, then you will need a secondary app. I recommend iZip.

Personally, I prefer downloading the initial zip file onto my PC and extracting it there. Then I add the extracted files to Dropbox.

It is important that you do not unzip the files with the extension – these need to stay intact.

When you purchase, your links to download will be emailed to you shortly after purchase. Depending on site traffic and other factors, the link will come up on your order page also, but this is not always as instant as I would prefer.

.png files should be saved to your camera roll and .pdf files should be opened in Goodnotes as should files. However if you are adding the Goodnotes file, you won’t need to add the .png files at all.

To install a Goodnotes zip file directly from email to iPad, follow the steps:

Firstly, ensure that you have the Goodnotes app installed.

Secondly, be sure that you are tapping the link from within the Safari app, rather than in an email program. Look for an Open in Safari button or text link. It looks like a compass in a circle.

Depending on your connection, the opening may be slow and appear to not be working. There is a blue progress bar.

If you have iZip, it should open automatically, so to ensure that you do not extract the Goodnotes file, select the file and then choose the option at the bottom that says Open In and then scroll the icons until you see Copy to Goodnotes.

Create New Document and Pick a Category and then it should open up.

If you are downloading from Dropbox or another cloud storage, then start from within Goodnotes, choose the + button to import. Find the file and tap and it will come up.

My Goodnotes files often (but not always) come with more than one page, so be sure to explore them fully.