Tiny Stamps, Big Plans is located in Canberra, Australia. The photopolymer stamp designs debuted on a Facebook group buy and sell page in August 2014 and then were sold on the Etsy Marketplace starting in September, 2014.

I have been drawing and doodling for all my life and playing with software for all of my adult life (unfortunately I was born a little too early to grow up with the internet and a home computer). I've delved into many, many hobbies such as scrapbooking both traditional and digital, photography, stamping, painting, soap and lotion making, essential oil blending and a lot more.

Throughout all of this I have been passionate about memories, memory keeping, typography and personal expression. I keep all my planners and enjoy looking through them and remembering my life.

I can often be found on Facebook groups. I admin several including planner groups for Canberrans, Australians, iPad users, Pokemon players as well as unrelated groups such as for my primary school and high school fellow students. I just love bringing people together :) I am also found on other planner groups as a participant, particularly digital groups.

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