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It's time to embrace the true versatility of digital planning.

A 75-page PDF planner with black pages so you can go as colourful and vibrant as you desire. Dated for 2018 in blocks of 4 weeks rather than separated by months.

This planner was designed for tablets, and shines when using an iPad in conjunction with the GoodNotes app. You can also use it with other PDF annotation apps, on Android and Windows.

We start off with a yearly overview. The planner is separated into 4-week blocks and was made for copying and pasting.  Start by determining what you do every week, then every 2 weeks. After you've created that base by laying down icon stickers or text, you can copy and paste the entire year. After your regular reminders are added, you can add birthdays, moon phases and other items. You'll also find a list of suggestions at the top of the page.

Once your year is done, you can head to your 4-week block. You can quickly navigate there by clicking on the purple month name at the top of the block in the yearly overview. In the 4-week block, you will copy, paste and resize your stickers from the yearly overview, shuffle them around if you like and add anything else that comes up.

The 4-week block has a little prompt for your next 4 weeks which may assist in your forward planning.

The 4 weeks are linked via their dates to their corresponding weekly spread. Copy and paste your weekly reminders and then go in-depth for the week.

The weekly spread was made for projects. Quite often, you will have tasks that are due to be done but do not fall on a specific day. Avoid feeling bad because you didn't do what you set out to do on Tuesday and know it's OK to get to it later in the week.

The sections in the weekly spread are the weekly calendar, health & fitness, inspiration, projects, finance, meals, tasks, shopping list and upcoming. Each section apart from upcoming has a link to its page in the back of the planner.

5 of the sections are decorated with icons. These icons will not lose quality when the page is enlarged (along with the rest of the planner itself). The icons were hand drawn by me and have been seen in my stamp sets and other projects. They have been recoloured for this planner.

The linked pages at the back of the planner contain various grids and guides for your sections. Some of the guides have cutouts so you can use them to work around the icons. You can either copy and paste your text to the weekly spreads, or even take a screenshot of the grids or guides to use as a sticker.

Use the back pages to house items you will want to add to your weekly spread regularly, or work on projects on the pages. Each page has suggestions for how to fill in the planner - projects you might like to try, tasks you will probably undertake, items to add to your shopping list and more.

There is a link to the yearly overview on every page. Hyperlink count is estimated at 300+.

Black pages look amazing with light-coloured pens. All my icon stickers that are currently in-store have been created with a white stroke, so they will look fantastic in this planner too. The planner comes with a bonus sheet of icons - my most used in the yearly overview including moons, garbage bin, dollar note, house and more. The icons are not in any display images having been created especially for the planner as a surprise.

The planner you download will have some subtle branding. The branding is not in the display images because honestly I always forget I need to add it. I'm so human :) 

This planner was not intended for printing and is not formatted as such. Printing may produce unexpected results. These are digital files and you will receive no physical product. The files will be immediately available to download after your payment clears.

There are no refunds on digital downloads. For personal use only, do not distribute.

Some of the icons in the display pages are not included.

If you wish to test a sample PDF, there are some free files available to download on the Tiny Stamps, Big Plans Digital Planning Facebook group. Samples include the Rainbow Planner, Mobile Planner and Financial Planner.

During the year of 2018, I will be regularly sharing my actual spreads from this planner in the Facebook group, for additional inspiration.

The download includes the planner, help file/TOU and an icon sheet. Here's the start of the help file, as you do need to unzip the archive to access the help! 

Download the files to your device or computer. Unzip the archive (zip) by either using an app such as iZip or using your computer application such as WinZip. You should find archive (decompression) functions with right click.

Download the pdf to your mobile device by your chosen method eg Dropbox, emailing to yourself, Air Drop etc. Save images to your camera roll. (For the rest of the help, you should be able to read the file now!)

You're amazing for reading all the way to the end. I appreciate you so much.